St. Luke’s youth programs  are grounded in the conviction that faith happens in and through community.


We nurture a climate where young people are welcomed into the life of the church and empowered to embody the extravagant love of God. We do this by recognizing the many great talents young people have to offer the Church: gifts of questioning, of devotion to justice, of energy, and of scorn for hypocrisy. In the process, we recognize and address the special needs and challenges of adolescence: challenges of shifting identities, of navigating an increasingly unforgiving world, of growing into adult roles.


We think that an open mind and a healthy skepticism are essential elements of the Christian faith and that spiritual development is more a process of cultivating a relationship with God than accepting a set of specific beliefs.


Youth programs at St. Luke’s are LGBTQ affirming.

Confirmation (Grades 6-8)

St. Luke’s runs middle school confirmation in coordination with St. Mark’s and St. Matthew’s Episcopal churches in Evanston. Confirmation preparation empowers seekers to articulate their relationship with God, claim their baptismal Christian identity, and step into adult roles in the Church.

​After concluding the confirmation program, as a sign of their ability to take charge of their own spiritual life, each youth chooses whether or not to be confirmed. All participants, whatever their decision, are honored in a special service dedicated to their work, exploration, and discoveries.

Youth Service Projects

Our youth participate in service projects throughout the year. 

The Trebles

This accomplished choir is open to all children and youth aged 8 to 18, regardless of religious affiliation. Combining the highest standards of musicianship and performance with leadership and teamwork, Trebles learn musical skills and theory through the curriculum of the Royal School of Church Music in America (RSCM) and receive a small stipend for their work. Trebles have the opportunity to attend choir camp each summer and to participate in international tours.