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While we welcome all who walk through our doors, becoming a formal member of St. Luke’s represents a deeper commitment to the life and vitality of the parish. Membership at St. Luke's is defined by active participation in the community and making an annual financial investment in St. Luke's. Over 80% of households also participate in one or more ministries at St. Luke's. We hold newcomers classes and welcoming of newcomers periodically throughout the year.


Those who wish to may send formal letters of transfer from another church or may be confirmed or received by the local Episcopal bishop. Baptism in any Christian denomination is honored by the Episcopal church.


We welcome all who seek to be baptized! Baptism is the sacrament through which a person becomes a member of the body of Christ. It is the foundation of church participation and membership. Individuals may be baptized at any age. Holy Baptism is most often administered as part of the celebration of Holy Eucharist at a major Sunday service or on a feast day. A major component of the baptismal rite in the Episcopal church is the gathered community agreeing to support the person being baptized in their life going forward. Therefore, it is important for the person seeking baptism that St. Luke's is the place where they intend to live, grow, and worship. 

Those seeking baptism for themselves or their child(ren) are encouraged to reach out to the Rev. Kat Banakis.

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