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Weddings at St. Luke's


St. Luke's is a glorious church for weddings. In our historical, sacred space, the spiritual union of a couple is magnified. Although being a member is not a requirement to be married at St. Luke’s, our sincere hope is that each couple will consider becoming a part of the St. Luke’s community.  In a Christian liturgy of commitment such as a wedding, the couple invites their guests to join them in asking God's blessing on their marriage. It is meant to be festive and joyous with all present invited to participate in prayer, hymns, and thanksgiving to God. While a religious service is not for everyone, if you are interested in having a service at St. Luke’s, we are happy to be in conversation regardless of your religious background, location, or gender. We are also happy to share our space with officiants of many traditions.


Please review our wedding planning materials below and contact the office for any scheduling inquiries.


·         Wedding Information

·         Record of Intent

·         Wedding Fee Schedule

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