Commitment to the Ministries
of St. Luke's:
The Annual Pledge Campaign

This autumn has brought a harvest of fruits from much planting and tending in our community. I am not talking about Farmer's Market-type fruits but of the fruits of initiatives and ministries.

The work of Formation & Discipleship group has brought another harvest of small groups which are meeting, learning, and most of all, connecting people in new or deeper ways. The long, hard tilling of the Capital Campaign is bearing fruit in a new parish house roof and new scaffolding to investigate the south windows. This, in turn, will be the tilling and hoeing that leads to a dry, stable building, the fruit of which will be time and energy freed up for mission and ministry. Leadership will not have to take out as much time and energy to respond to falling-apart things, but instead offer a shelter in which community continues to flourish and ministries are nurtured.

As with every field and orchard we need to invest in seed and sowing, tilling, watering and weeding. In the life of a parish we do that through making a financial commitment, a pledge, so that the vestry knows what might be offered in the year ahead and responsibly set the scope of resources, staffing, and operations.

This is the season in which we ask everyone who looks forward to the fruits to consider her or his pledge for the year 2015. This season began of the Feast of St. Luke Oct. 19. Each week we are shared a new resource: testimony about what St. Luke's means, why someone gives, a narrative budget, and an overview of the amounts of pledges offered in 2014.

If you were not present at the November 16th services when pledge cards were handed out, you can pledge online by clicking here.

I look forward to celebrating the harvest and sharing in the continuing work of growing and nurturing with you, my companions on the journey.

Jeannette +