Commitment to the Ministries
of St. Luke's:
The Annual Pledge Campaign

This autumn has brought a harvest of fruits from much planting and tending in our community. I am not talking about Farmer's Market-type fruits but of the fruits of initiatives and ministries.

As with every field and orchard we need to invest in seed and sowing, tilling, watering and weeding. In the life of a parish we do that through making a financial commitment, a pledge, so that the vestry knows what might be offered in the year ahead and responsibly set the scope of resources, staffing, and operations.

This is the season in which we ask everyone who looks forward to the fruits to consider her or his pledge for the year 2017. This season all are invited and encouraged to attend a small gathering in the home of a fellow parishioner. The goal of these gatherings is to share a meal, build a community, consider St. Luke's mission and ministry, and to have fun in a relaxed setting.

Ingathering Sunday is November 20th, and I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to attend a Stewardship Gathering during the annual pledge campaign.

I look forward to celebrating the harvest and sharing in the continuing work of growing and nurturing with you, my companions on the journey.

Jeannette +